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Assessorexamen und Berufseinstieg im Öffentlichen Recht
Location-Based Services:  Invitation to Burglars?

Location Based Services:

Invitation to Burglars?


Boxed In Level 21 Walkthrough, Solution, Cheats, Hints, and Tips

This is a solution for the popular iPhone and iPod game, Boxed In. Please only use it if you are completely stuck. Solving the puzzle your self is a lot more fun. For more Boxed In solutions and cheats please visit our Boxed In Solutions and Cheats page.

Boxed In Level 21

If you are stuck on this level, just push boxes so that they match this Level 21 screenshot. Just make sure don’t push the second box to the top right too early.  You should easily beat this level if boxes are pushed accordingly.

Boxed in lvl 21 win

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