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Buzzie: Google Buzz´s First iPhone App

buzzie-iphone-app-shots-3Buzzie, the first app released for use with Google Buzz has been released.

Ironic, that it came the day after Apple sued Google´s Nexus One manufacturer, but this is not a Google made application but rather a third party´s offering.

For the avid Buzz user, if such a thing exists following Google´s privacy complaints following its release, it really is a fine streamlined app, that offers a way to become familiar with Google Buzz, without jeopardizing your privacy or even logging in. We have written on this site about not only Google Buzz but the recent lawsuit here.

The app is available at the App Store for $1.99 for the next week followed by an anticapated rise to $2.99 following the launch week.

buzzie-screenshotAs expected, the app allows you to:

  • see what’s happening around you, even if you don’t have a Buzz account
  • receive messages from the people you follow
  • comment on messages and mark them as liked
  • browse all links and images attached to messages
  • manage your followers
  • browse the people following you
  • find new people to follow
  • check the places around you and buzz about them
  • buzz publicly or privately

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