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Google Earth Goes Version 2.0 on the iPhone


Google Earth version 2.0 for the iPhone (itunes link) has been released in the App Store!  Google Earth for the iPhone is the second most-downloaded free iPhone app overall, just behind Facebook.  With its new update, Google has included new features, including viewing custom maps created on desktop computer, better user interface when viewing photos and Wikipedia articles, and new languages.


If you ever need to create a customized map and display them on your iPhone.  Google’s desktop client will enable you to create a path on the map and plot points to designate an action or landmark.  You can get a hold of custom maps made by your friends or established travelers that give you more insight during a trip.  For example, your friend can design a map that tell you the locations of the best bars in Las Vegas.  Your iPhone will be able to display these locations on the Google Earth app.  Bar hopping will be a lot easier with these custom maps and your iPhone’s GPS functionality.

earth iphone - duo

Acrylmalerei Stimmungsvolle Landschaften

With the new user interface, when an icon is tapped, a small glow appears under the finger to let users know which icon has been selected.  If the fingers touch more than one icon, a list of all icons will appear so users can better select their desired content.

Overall there are some slight improvements in this new update.  However, other than the new icon interface, there doesn’t seem to be enough new additional features to warrant this update as Google Earth 2.0 for the iPhone.   Usually with a new app version, there should be numerous additional features and perhaps some big user interface change.  What do our readers think?

Via Google LatLong Blog

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