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MeDumb or iDumb? 10 Dumbest Apps


We are all aware of the numerous iPhone apps that help us with various things. While some of them are extremely helpful and innovative, few are just plain dumb. They are so dumb that you start to wonder whether Paris Hilton and George Bush were behind these apps.

Well if there were razzies for the iPhone apps then one would surely go to zips.  Well it’s basically a virtual zipper which can be dragged up and down. The app also comes with underwear that you can change with a tap of your finger. Sexy and sensuous? I seriously doubt it, but would definitely agree on boring.

Inap@work is an app that is supposed to help cover for the person while he/she is taking a nap during office time. Does it serve the purpose?  Certainly not. It ensures that everyone in the office realizes you are fast asleep.  The app creates sounds of mouse clicks, pencil sharpeners, keyboard taps at random intervals. Unfortunately these sounds are not convincing to a person whose intellect is more than that of a turtle.

Hold the button app is designed for the slacker in you. However if you have something close to life then you will never even think of having this app. A finger print icon is displayed on the screen and you have to press on the icon. That’s it. One word to describe this app is DUMB.

Sexy Girl Talk , well the name of the app sends testosterone levels up the roof but all in all it is some female with a clumsy English accent teaching us how to pronounce the alphabets. Apple rated this application 12+ but I rate it below 4 years because no one else could endure the torture.

Taxi Hold Em, well apple is pushing the limit now. It seems now one needs an app to call a taxi. How difficult is it to wave or whistle.  What else will we have an app for now?

Adieu treadmills because thanks to the iPhone app Fat Burner 2k all one has to do is place the iPhone on the tummy and wait. Ya rite, Now how dumb are we to believe a vibrating iPhone could swallow up the calories from our big Mac. No sorry apple, we aren’t buying this one.

According to Apple, iPhones not only help you lose weight but can help to transform your bald head into a lush rainforest of hair. It seems all you need for hair growth is hearing various inaudible high and low frequencies that promote blood circulation around hair roots and under the head skin.  So the next time you experience hair loss, grab your iPhone and start hearing the frequencies.

Move over counter strike and AOE. Here comes iPhones new bathroom game Drunk Sniper.  It simulates the challenge of controlling one’s flow when under the influence of alcohol. Although very innovative only a complete loser would waste his time playing this game.

The cow toss app was designed to compete for the most stupid app spot however it lost to three other apps and landed on a disappointing fourth position. All you have to do is flick a cow through space and you would be awarded points based on system that only god knows.

Another game which sounds more disgusting than fun is the app called flick a booger. All you have to do is toss your booger around with purpose and accuracy. What could be the purpose, we only wonder. Give the guys at Apple a few more years, and they will come out with an app that track Osama Bin Laden out of his hiding hole!

via CNN Money

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