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Location Based Services:

Invitation to Burglars?


Why Monthly Fees? Pay Just Once with MobileNavigator North America

iphone mobilenavigator NA

MobileNavigator North America was recently released into the market by Navigon. This is a full-featured turn-by-turn GPS iPhone app, which  before its release, was only available by other developers as a subscription based app with monthly fees.  Navigon sees through iPhone users’ disgust for paying $9.99 monthly for the rest of their lives when they could have just purchase a GPS device with a single purchase. Thus, Navigon gives us their prized Nagivation app for a One-Time fee of $69.99.  Be aware this is price will only last until August 15 of this year.  The price will then, go up to $99.99

Due to its wide coverage zone, this application will use about 1.29GB (i.e. stored in a 1.3 Gigabyte database) . All that space it takes up on your iPhone will give users maps for the entire United States and Canada.  Unlike some of its competitors, it does not require an Internet connection during navigation.  Maps are displayed in 2-D or 3-D overhead perspectives, consuming the entire screen. This application has many unique  features such as Reality View Pro (realistic 3D views), day and night mode, Lane Assistant Pro (for upcoming exits or turns), portrait and landscape format, real signpost display, quick access to user-defined points of interest (POIs), direct access to iPhone address book, and many more.

A free version called the Lite version is also available.  Navigon also provides free updates for this application.  It brings the latest map material from the market along with a user interface that changes to portrait or landscape orientations. A search engine that helps the user find addresses and other places of interest is also a great feature for this GPS enabled app.

The user needs to mount or hold continuously their iPhone 3G or 3GS near the window of the car. Once the address of the place the user plan to visit is located, the ride from one location to another should be pretty smooth. A voice will instruct the user when to turn less than a mile’s notice. The app also does a excellent job with it’s on-screen displays. Additional features like addition map view options, call POI, optimized volume control, and multiple-destination routing will all be added to this application in future. At its current price, MobileNavigator North America is a great solution that will get users to their destinations without much hassle right on their iPhones.

For more, check out a demonstration for MobileNavigator iPhone and a cool iPhone and GPS device comparason flick.

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