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Review: GeoDefense Swarm Adds Great Puzzle Elements to Intense Tower Defense Action

Review:  GeoDefense Swarm Adds Great Puzzle Elements to Intense Tower Defense Action
Game Name: GeoDefense Swarm
Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch
Genre(s): Tower Defense
Version Reviewed: 1.0.5


Click here if you are looking for the GEOdefense: Swarm strategy guide or walkthrough.

The original GeoDefense is ranked up there as one of the best Tower Defense games on the iPhone.  With GeoDefense Swarm (iTunes Link), the thinking man’s tower defense game gets even better.  Unlike other tower defense games, GeoDefense Swarm offers lots of maps and levels for the avid tower defense player.  GeoDefense Swarm offers a total of 30 levels, each with its own map.  The 30 levels are divided in into three difficulties:  easy, medium, and hard, with each difficulty getting 10 unique maps.  Players must think very carefully before placing their towers, as the game is extremely hard to beat when playing  on the default hard difficulty. Users must evaluate each level’s map and choose a build strategy based on the level’s layout.


Like most tower defense games, players build towers to destroy enemy creeps and prevent them from reaching the exit.  In open field tower defense games like GeoDefense Swarm, players also try to build mazes by building towers for the creeps to travel along.  Players gain money to build more towers by destroying the creeps.  The creeps usually travel in waves, with each wave the creeps gets stronger and tougher.

Like its predecessor, GeoDefense Swarm uses vector based graphics.  The result is impressive.  Fireworks explode all over the screen as creeps get destroyed.  It can get so dazzling  that it obstruct the user’s focus to prevent creeps from escaping to the exit.  Unlike its predecessor, however, GeoDefense Swarm now offers obstacle-laden open maps instead of a predefined path.  This makes a lot of room for strategic and creative thinking.  In most levels, placing towers on maps is almost puzzle-like as placing them in certain grids or in specific patterns may be the only way to win. The endless mode feature lacking in the original GeoDefense now appears in Swarm.  The last level of each difficulty is the endless mode, making it three endless tower defense levels in all.

GeoDenfense’s diversity of levels make the game extremely challenging and fun.  As the player progress through the game, he will encounter new special zones that can heal or speed up creeps.  There are also a total of 6 towers for blasting those enemy creeps. In Swarm, the new tower Thumper damages enemies around it by shock wave.  The conventional blaster, laser, missile, and enemy decelerator are also available. There are even towers that can only be used once as a savior tower to destroy all the creeps around it all at once.

Lots of levels and maps is good.  However, it is the gameplay that make GeoDense an extremely fun game.  Conventional players are expected to play most levels countless times in order to beat it. In Geodefense Swarm, the action is almost non-stop.  Players need to continue to build or upgrade towers with each enemy waves.  Otherwise the enemies can get so strong that they just breeze to the exit.  When players lose a level, they need to reevaluate their mistakes and come up with a new strategy to destroy all the creeps.

Most players should be able to beat all the easy levels.  That said, some levels are still challenging enough that it may take some people 5 to 10 times to beat it.  At the medium level, the difficulty really ramps up and some folks may never beat another level unless they get some tips from the experts.  If players can pass all the levels, they can aim for the higher scores by letting the fewer creeps escape to the exit or by destroying the creeps near the exit.  Open Feint integration allows players to compete globally for the highest scores.  Get the recognition of being the best player in the world for one of the most difficult tower defense game in the App Store.
The tough challenge may upset some players.  GeoDefense Swarm may be the toughest tower defense game in the App Store.  Players who buy this game for some fun tower defense action may get turned off after losing a level after 10+ tries.  The visuals also may not please everyone.  Some of us prefers cute animals or ferociously animated zombies instead of geometrical shaped creeps throwing themselves at you.  GeoDefense Swarm also lacks game music.  Hearing the blaster firing and creep explosion for hours can give some players a headache.

Despite its minor flaws, GeoDefense Swarm is a great tower defense game.  It is ranked up there as one of the best iPhone tower defense games.  With 30 challenging levels, players can easily spend days to “attempt” to complete the game.  Currently for just 99 cents in the App Store (iTunes Link), it is a must-own game for iPhone tower defense fan.

Click here if you are looking for the GEOdefense: Swarm strategy guide or walkthrough.

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