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App Store Pulls Wifi Stumblers

wifi-whereIn a move today from the folks at Apple, 2 or more widely used Wifi “stumblers” have been removed from the App Store. Undoubtedly, more will be pulled as they are found.

Wifi Stumblers scan the area arround you for open Wifi areas, and the network´s details. But using these networks while usually “safe”, are dangerous if someone is interested in following your movements on the network, including listening in on VoiP calls and of course harnessing all your passwords sent on this network.

Unlke Apple´s response to “sexy” apps, I think this is a great move. Beyond the moral reasons of why stealing is wrong…These once again are dangerous networks to be using.

For those who don´t worry about these issues, a number of Stumblers are available on jailbroken iPhones through Cydia with Stumbler Plus being the most widely used.img_0051

Primarily these apps were used by iPod Touch users who don´t have the 3G back up available to them that most iPhone users have with their carriers and for most people they won´t be missed.

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