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iPad Office Apps to Get your Work Done


The iPad is not just for watching Netflix movies, reading iBooks, or playing games. With the appropriate app installed, you can turn your iPad into an Office productivity machine.

There is a huge selection of office apps on the iPad that will provide word processing, spreadsheet, and even presentation slides for you to edit and review. Some of them, like the iWork Suite, will allow users to integrate the iPad version of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers with the iWork Suite on the Mac. However more people will probably want to get an app that works similar to MS Office.

Most people will probably want to get the best iPad office productivity app out there.  Among the many reviews out there, QuickOffice and Pages seem to be the top pick among reviewers.  Indeed,  Quickoffice, with its more user friendly interface and excellent MS Office powerpoint, word, and excel compatibility, what’s not to like?  Pages is a must have for those who are already familiar with its desktop version.  Its powerful features as a word processor simply cannot be underestimated.

Although typing on the iPad keyboard may still be a little awkward when trying to get real work done, for many of us, the iPad is already a daily part of our lives.  We carry it wherever we go.  Why take out that bulky laptop when you can just quickly place the sleek iPad on the tabletop.  Without waiting for the long start-up sequence that a laptop goes through, your iPad will very quickly launch your Office Productivity app.  Work gets started right away.

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