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Location Based Services:

Invitation to Burglars?

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iTablet: Publishing´s Savior with Game Play?


Of course, no one has seen it. But, rumors and a small amount of logical thinking can help divine what the iTablet (or whatever they call it) really delivers. An expensive reader that could not only rescue the publishing industry but provide enough additional features to kill the Kindle including but not limited to game play.

Kill Kindle? In a word. Color. Depending on pricing of the tablet, expected around $800, who would pay nearly $500 for the large format Kindle DX?

We are talking about a smaller screen than what is anticipated from Apple with no other functions, and no color. What was Amazon thinking? Does no one in Seattle read tech news?

2008 and 2009 saw magazines failing and collapsing like no two years in recent memory with book publishers also reporting sagging sales. Most people would never read a magazine on Kindle, one of the getting pleasures afforded by print are high glossy color photos. The iTablet has the potential to add more to the medium not unlike a number of their websites, video and color. Additionally Kindle requires a wifi connection where presumable the iTablet will work on existing 3G networks as well.

The way that iTunes Store has reinvented the music business makes us believe they will do the same with books. Single story downloads from Anthologies, single chapter downloads of textbooks, instant translations, the possibilities are endless.

Again we can only guess what Apple has in store for us next week but expect a great reader that also serves an iPod, mail server, browser, and game platform amongst other uses.

electronic-arts-hqSpeaking of games another couple of rumors and speculation regarding the iTablet:

  • Electronic Arts, as reported in The Wall Street Journal, is apparently in talks, along with other game makers, with Apple regarding the tablet.
  • Apple has sent out a number of invitations to video game websites like Kotaku.

With the large amount of money that Apple is enjoying offering games for the iPhone and iPod Touch, gamers should expect a great display next week. But everyone, including the publishers, will be watching as Apple tries to answer the question “Who is the Tablet for?”, with a resounding everybody. I know I want one.

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