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It’s True! iPhone 3GS is Capable of Playing 1080p HD Videos


Before the iPhone 3GS was announced, it was rumored to be capable of playing HD videos.  However, it only festered disappointments once the specifications for the iPhone 3GS hardware were released without any sign of HD video playback capabilities. 

Recently, a Chinese forum claimed that the 3GS could indeed do 30Mbps 1080p HD playback.  The forum member claimed that the iPhone 3GS can play both 720p and 1080p video encoded in H.264 through iPhone’s own video player.  He accomplished this by using document storage and viewing application FileAid to bypass Apple’s restrictions and playback HD files. 

Engadget later confirmed this with their own iPhone HD video testing.  Using the same app FileAid, they were able to get some of the HD videos working perfectly while other videos were displaying stuttering and audio problems. The audio problem seems to be severe as it totally crippled the audio drivers on the iPhone, rendering it useless to play audio on all apps.  Luckily the audio problem can be fixed by restarting the iPhone.  

Perhaps due to these inconsistencies and unresolved bugs in playing HD videos, Apple has disabled HD 1080p video playback.  Also, the consequences of playing a large video file on the iPhone 3GS may still be murky as battery drain and high temperature may make the iPhone unstable.  Apple sure doesn’t want more iPhone explosion news stories due to HD video playback.  However, these successful HD video tests on the iPhone 3GS shows the device is capable of playing HD video files. It raises hope that in the near future, Apple can fix these technical problems with an OS update and make the iPhone 3GS fully HD capable. 

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