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Over Half of Time Spent on the iPhone is its Apps


Two market research companies comScore and Compete recently released data on mobile phone usage.  These companies are providing this information according to Compete “to help marketers navigate the uncharted territory of the mobile internet.”  They are providing information on the attitudes, usage patterns, and purchase drivers for smartphone owners.  “This gives brands a competitive edge in understanding and targeting these mobile consumers today and in the future.”  Another market research company eMarketer (how many are there?) recently combined the data and published it here.

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Their latest research reveals interesting yet understandable trends in mobile usage.  Overall these survey results by comScore and compete show that iPhone users are getting the most bang for their buck out of their smartphones, accessing email (87%), mobile media usage (94%) and social networking (58%), mobile news gathering (80%+) and instant messaging (44%) .  Google’s Android platform lagged behind but not too far:  accessing email (63%), mobile media usage (92%) and social networking (52%), mobile news gathering (80%+) and instant messaging (46%)  Strange that only 63% of Android users reported accessing their email via their smartphones.  This may be due to the fact that many Android users seem to already have an iPhone and are carrying the Google phone for fun only.  Perhaps their instant messaging is making up for it!  Even all the other smartphones reported email usage at 70%.

The report concluded that iPhone and Android users spent greater time overall with applications as opposed to time spent in a web browser. When compared to the Palm, Blackberry 
and Windows Mobile platforms, 55% of iPhone users and 44% of
 Android users spent the majority of their time in apps while only 22% 
of the other three platforms combined said the same of their activities.  This is not very hard to understand.  Given there are over 100,000 Apple apps, 20,000 Android apps and as of July only 2,000 Blackberry apps and less even still for Palm and Windows , these latter users do not have alot of choice.  It is easy to see that the more apps are available and easily accessible, their usage will increase.  Blackberry has the added achilles heel of  limited storage space on the phone for apps, making multiple app usage difficult.  Now that the iPhone and Android can both access Microsoft exchange servers Blackberry has lost one of its’ competitive advantages.

Apps will be the wave of the future so if these lagging platforms hope for an increased market share they are going to have to pull up their socks and feed their customers’ growing appetite for apps!  Apple and their iPhone apps are ahead by a mile at this point.  Whether they can close the distance remains to be seen.

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