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S. Korea: 4th Gen iPhone with OLED and Video Chat Launching in April


Apparently the rumor mill over in South Korea is cranking up.  The Korea Times

Ritter der Königin 07
is gathering all this information and claiming that executives over at the newly created KT Corp. (previously Korea Telecom), an Apple partner, are spilling the beans on the new iPhone.     The 4th generation iPhone may be launching as soon as April.  Perhaps it will be the “one last thing” at the Apple iTablet event scheduled for January 27 in San Francisco!?

This update may include a highly sought after feature that could revolutionize mobile communication, namely video chat.  Other desirable additions are rumored to be an OLED (organic light-emitting diode screen) which would give a better picture and may consume less battery life.  Another rumor is a removable battery, however considering that Apple has been moving away from removable batteries with their MacBooks, this seems like a stretch.  Dual-core processors might make an appearance but that too could be a bad thing since it would hog battery life.  We already have discussed here the upgraded 5mp camera and an LED flash that seem to be almost a certainty at this point.  RFID swipe support has been bandied about.  Radio-frequency identification could allow use of the iPhone as a credit card to swipe payments, or to swipe and obtain information from a kiosk. Safe to say there are enough goodies here to keep Apple iPhone devotees salivating!

Shipments would not start until June, according to these same reports.  However, I forsee iPhone insiders making plans to line up even as we speak!

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