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UrbanSpoon adds Augmented Reality Functionality to Scope Out Restaurants

UrbanSpoon adds Augmented Reality Functionality to Scope Out Restaurants 

UrbanSpoon is one of the featured iPhone App by Apple that discovers nearby restaurants when the users give their iPhones a vigorous shake.  Now UrbanSpoon users have a new way to discover nearby restaurants with its new Scope feature. The Scope feature is an Augmented Reality application exclusively to the iPhone 3GS.  Users will see […]

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It’s Here! Yelp’s Secret Augmented Reality Mode

Want to try out the new Augmented Reality on the iPhone?  You are in luck America.  After the English and the French got their first augmented reality apps, somebody discovered that in the Yelp iPhone app, when you shake the iPhone one to three times, a secret augmented reality mode, “monocle”  will appear on the […]

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Paris Subways and London Buses Get App Store’s First Augmented Reality iPhone Apps

The wait is over.  Augmented reality apps have landed in the App Store. Paris Metro Subway and London Buses have released  updates that not only give their apps push notification, but augmented reality function as well. These apps allow the iPhone users to detect metatags for bus stops, subway stations, and  point of interests right […]

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